We know where
the wind blows in renewable energy

TMV Green is dedicated to the development and construction of emission-free, renewable energy. We believe in responsible practices and strong community partnerships. TMV Green plans and constructs wind energy projects, while also looking forward to developing solar power, energy storage and hydrogen technologies. Our projects are developed respecting the local people, communities and nature. Join us in powering green energy.


About us

TMV Green builds green energy production that benefits the entire society. We strongly believe in collaboration with the local people, landowners and communities.


Wind energy projects

We are currently developing over 15 wind energy projects in Estonia. Wind power is emission-free, renewable and
 domestic energy.

Facts about TMV Green



Nearly 100 potential areas explored for wind power construction in Estonia.


We work closely with the local people and respect nature.



14 projects are in the planning phase, 6 in the feasibility stage.


TMV Green has building rights for 6000 hectares.

News and articles

The cheapest way to produce electricity: onshore wind energy

Nationally, energy must be viewed as a whole. Estonia must choose an energy portfolio that suits itself. Electricity must also be competitively priced.   Onshore wind energy is the most affordable way to generate electricity. Offshore wind farms are more expensive to build, which also makes the price of electricity higher, writes TMV Green’s development…

TM Voima Oy sold construction business to Caverion Industria Oy

The sale of TMV Service Oy, TMV Line Oy, and TMV Power OÜ to Caverion was completed on February 1, 2023. TM Voima Oy and TMV Green OÜ will continue to develop renewable energy projects in Finland and Estonia. The turnover of the acquired business in 2021 was 30.5 million euros.   “The sizes of…

TMV Green OÜ in Collaboration with OX2

OX2, a Swedish renewable energy company operating in multiple markets across Europe, has initiated a collaboration with TMV Green OÜ in Estonia. The collaboration commenced in 2022, with the goal of developing approximately 500 MW of onshore wind projects in Estonia. TMV Green is responsible for land use, licensing, and grid connection, while OX2 will…