Powering the green energy

TMV Green Oü was founded in 2020. We have explored nearly 100 potential areas for wind power construction in Estonia. Currently, we have 14 projects in the planning phase and an additional 6 projects in the feasibility stage. In some projects, we collaborate with other project developers.

One of the biggest developers of onshore wind parks in Estonia

We aim to contribute to domestic green energy production that benefits the entire society. We strongly believe in collaboration with local people, landowners and communities. TMV Green has grown into one of the biggest developers of onshore wind parks in Estonia and we cooperate with OX2, which is one of Europe's leading developers of renewable energy. We have building rights for 6000 hectares and our current project volume in Estonia is 2000 MW. We are proud to be a partner for major landowners (Tornator, Estonian Sustainable Forestry, Karusambla, Södra Metsad, EREMKA, Männikus, Artiston, Roger Puit) in the locations where we operate.

“We focus on onshore wind development because we strongly believe it’s the most viable/competitive energy production method available which is also one of the most environmentally friendly technologies available. Therefore we recognize the demand for onshore wind power in Estonia and see the importance of selecting optimal locations. As a local organization, we have personally negotiated all land lease agreements. Through our collaboration with TMV Group and OX2, we bring extensive experience in the development, construction, and operation of energy production.”

– Jaanus Kivirand, director

Our values

TMV Green is committed to being a reliable partner for all stakeholders. Our values reflect what matters to us, and, combined with our goal of providing sustainable local energy to Estonia, guide how we work and strive for continuous improvement.

Courage – We have the courage to think big and make decisions.

– We set high goals, innovate, and communicate openly.

– We prioritize sustainability in everything we do. We recognize that the world needs more energy, and it must be renewable energy.

– We honor our promises and maintain an honest and respectful attitude toward our partners and colleagues. Landowners, municipalities, and local residents are our most important stakeholders in our projects.