TMV Green OÜ in Collaboration with OX2

OX2, a Swedish renewable energy company operating in multiple markets across Europe, has initiated a collaboration with TMV Green OÜ in Estonia. The collaboration commenced in 2022, with the goal of developing approximately 500 MW of onshore wind projects in Estonia. TMV Green is responsible for land use, licensing, and grid connection, while OX2 will handle the financing, construction, and implementation of the projects in the portfolio. 2018 OX2 had in engaged collaboration in Finland with TMV Green’s sister company TM Voima Oy.


“Wind power is the most cost-efficient means of generating electricity. In addition, wind power provides an excellent opportunity for Estonia to significantly increase energy self-sufficiency in a short amount of time. With our experience and expertise, we will realize the projects quickly and cost-effectively,”

says Teemu Loikkanen, Regional Manager for Finland and the Baltics at OX2.


“Our common goal is to generate clean energy and make Estonia more energy self-sufficient. At the moment, we are negotiating with landowners and municipalities to find suitable areas for the wind farms. By partnering with OX2, we have access to the latest technological know-how in the field and can ensure that appropriate funding and resourcing are made available throughout the projects,”

says Kim Tahkoniemi, CEO of TMV Green.


“We collaborate closely with specialists from various project stages at OX2. We ensure that the solutions developed during the permitting phase are technically and economically viable, and the impacts of the projects on local residents and the environment are minimized,”

added Jaanus Kivirand, Technical Director of TMV Green.


For more information, please contact:

Jaanus Kivirand Development Manager / CEO
+372 5345 9304

About OX2 AB (publ)

OX2 develops, constructs, and sells renewable energy solutions at scale. OX2 also offer management of wind- and solar farms after completion. OX2’s project development portfolio consists of in-house developed as well as acquired projects in onshore and offshore wind, solar, and energy storage, in various phases of development. The company is also active in developing projects based on other renewable energy technologies, such as hydrogen. OX2 is operating on eleven markets in Europe: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Åland. Since 2023 OX2 is also operating in Australia. Sales in 2023 was about 7.8 billion SEK. The company has about 500 employees and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. OX2 is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2022.


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